H2Motiv, a complete range of modules

By choosing modules from the H2Motiv range, constructors are choosing solutions that are both efficicient and easy to implement, as they perform well on a technological plan and are easy to implement. They are a way to quickly establish yourself on the market.

Product H2Motiv S H2Motiv L H2Motiv XL
Max Power 5 kW From 30kW to 70kW From 80kW to 320 kW
Max Current 150 A 400 A 400 A
Output voltage 48 to 400 V 400V to 600V 600V
Power Density 2,5 kW/l 2,5 kW/l
Architecture Monostack Monostack Multistack
Current Applications Renault Kangoo ZE H2 Undisclosed GreenGT race car

H2Motiv L