Our management structure


At Symbio, we favour a transversal structure over a pyramid structure. The aim of this is to enhance versatility and efficiency. Within this type of structure, everyone has a role to play and everyone counts.

  • Fabio Ferrari
    Identifying innovations capable of radically changing a high potential market and making them profitable - this has been Fabio's focus for close to 30 years. A “serial entrepreneur”, according to some, with significant initial success coming in Telecom - centred around innovations such as voice synthesis and virtual offices - his aim is to repeat the same success today within the field of sustainable mobility. Fabio, who started out as a business angel within this particular sector, founded Symbio in 2010.

    Why Symbio ?

    « Because hydrogen is the best possible means of achieving success for electric transport, a high-potential market given the pressing need to cut greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions while developing renewable energy. Symbio was founded to make this a reality. »
  • Guillaume Salvo
  • Bertrand Joubert
    VP Product, Innovation and Strategy
  • Saadia Ajana
    VP Business and Programs
  • Philippe Lamoine
    VP Engineering
  • Ismael Abdel-Maaboud
    VP Manufacturing and Purchasing
  • Julien Caron
    VP Finance and Administration
  • Rachid Lamchachti
    VP Human Ressources