Powered by Symbio


Kangoo ZE H2

Powered by Symbio, Renault Kangoo ZE H2 offers more than 300 km of range in zero emission, with no deterioration during winter time, while refuelling the hydrogen at the station takes less than 5 minutes. Symbio offers a secured and customized internet connection to the most relevant data of your Kangoo ZE H2: connect to the web portal with a smartphone or a computer and access information such as the remaining range, the current load of the battery and the hydrogen tank, the distance travelled each day, or the number of hydrogen refueling at the station.

Kangoo ZE H2 Frigovan

Powered by Symbio, Renault Kangoo Frigovan has an isolation made by Lamberet and a cold unit made by Kerstner. Transport under controlled temperature conditions can be made with this vehicle, in line with the PTA regulation. It offers 8 hours of cold and more than 300 kilometres of real range.