More than 250 Renault Kangoo ZE REH2, powered by Symbio, travel on European roads in 2018 which makes it the most common hydrogen fuel cell electric powered commercial vehicle in Europe.


A European level approved, mass-production series and manufactured today in the Renault plant in Heudebouville (Normandy), the Renault Kangoo ZE REH2 displays the highest range of its category (more than 400 km) and fully charges its hydrogen cell in just 3 minutes.


Companies and communities in all activity sectors (transport and logistics, industry, construction, energy services, infrastructure maintenance etc) have included them into their fleets to meet demanding duty cycle environments (frequency of stops, speed etc).

The success of the Renault Kangoo ZE REH2 project demonstrates Symbio’s several competitive advantages:


  • A capacity for innovation and continuous improvement:
    • Thanks to its expertise in the hybridisation of energy sources, Symbio has designed a system to minimise user costs: electricity and hydrogen are best used according to use and driving conditions. Heat released from the fuel cell is used to heat the passenger compartment, which allows to preserve the vehicle’s range in winter, when heating is turned on.
    • The system (cell, compressors, humidifiers, etc.) is a fourth generation hydrogen fuel cell technology. Symbio has optimised the system by enhancing the cell’s performance (it operates at approximately 80 degrees, which allows it to cool) reducing the number of components (the hydrogen fuel system is now especially compact, at 3 KW per litre).


  • Expertise in integration assistance
    • The system’s compactness has preserved the chassis of the Kangoo ZE (no structural modification).
    • The Symbio team together with the Renault team from the plant in Heudebouville worked closely to establish the integration chain on the production line.


  • The holistic nature of its solution which reduces the deployment costs of manufacturers
    • The Symbio hydrogen system is connected to a powerful server and as such software diagnostics and updates are carried out remotely.
    • Symbio teams have set up repair shops and distribution networks for the maintenance and repair of vehicles equipped with its hydrogen fuel cell systems.

With Renault Kangoo ZE REH2 powered by Symbio, commercial vehicle professionals travel zero-emission and with complete ease. Thanks to its integrated hydrogen system and Symbio’s digital services, this electric powered commercial vehicle indeed offers:


The most capable and authentic range of its category for both summer and winter

  • + 400 km in urban and suburban duty cycles
  • + 360 km in winter, even when the heating is turned on.


Refuelling freedom

  • 3 minutes only to refuel at a hydrogen station
  • The Hybrid Plug-In hydrogen powered vehicle also connects to electrical terminals. This multiplies refuel opportunities and decreases the overall cost of the energy used (the price of electricity being particularly low).


Access to usage data in real time, via MySymbioFleet.com

  • Information such as remaining range, the vehicle load level and hydrogen gauge, the kilometres travelled each day or number of visits to hydrogen charging stations are accessible from any computer or smartphone, connected to the internet via personalised and secure access.